A Life After Death?

It has long been said that when it is your time to go; it’s your time to go. Yet, we know that when it comes to losing a loved one, each of us would give all that we have to get just five more minutes with them. Through a combination of modern medicine and major miracles, all the people featured here were able to postpone death and return home to their families. They were given their proverbial “five more minutes.” To be clear, most of the people featured on our Heart Stories page, have never died. However, it is safe to say that had they not undergone open heart surgery – they would have.

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We appreciate all our Heart Story Volunteers for agreeing to share their stories.

Tim's Story

Tim’s story is one of self-advocacy and determination. It is a testament to the breakthroughs in modern medicine, and serves as a first hand account revealing how an inexpensive, $99.00, 10-minute test, saved his life. Tim’s story details his struggle to understand and come to terms with his heart disease, while battling the health care providers he was forced to rely on to receive the care he needed. Tim did not…

Jeri's Story

Jeri came into the world on April 17, 1971, struggling to survive.  She was turned over to the State at birth, never getting to know her birth parents. When she was 2 1/2 months old, she underwent open heart surgery while in foster care. Jeri was born…

Christopher's Story

Chris, as he likes to be called, comes from a family riddled with heart disease.   His grandmother and grandfather on his mother’s side died at 42 and 41 respectively of heart attacks.  His mother, who was diabetic and had lupus, passed away at the age of 53.  He had two uncles who both died of heart attacks at early ages. So, it came as no surprise to Chris…

Rleen's Story

When Rleen was 13, she was being examined for injuries following a minor auto accident. During her exam, it was discovered that she had a heart murmur.  Since it hadn’t caused her any trouble, the doctor told her it was nothing to worry about…

Howard's Story

For years Howard had complained about chest pains.  In 1991, on two separate occassions, he called paramedics to his work for what he thought at the time were heart attacks. The first time they came, they determined that he was having heart burn.  As so often is the case, heart disease symptoms…

Hughe's Story

In December of 2009, Hughe went home following a 12 hour shift and went to bed.  He was awakened a couple hours later complaining of chest pain.  There wasn’t any shooting pain down his left arm; no discomfort in his jaw.  There was just this feeling…

Scott's Story

Scott was juggling a high stress position, traveling constantly, and little time to consider what was really important.  In March of 2017, while away on a business trip Scott suffered what he believes was a heart attack.  Fortunately, he recovered on the trip but when he got home…

Luke's Story

It was December 29th, 2016, Luke had what he describes as a “normal heavy workout in the gym,” at his apartment, went shopping and came home to make dinner for his son and himself.  He experienced discomfort throughout the night.  He was very restless and didn’t sleep in bed but rather remained in his Lazy Boy .  The following morning

Rod's Story

Rod had done it.  He finally left his employer and got his own service truck.  As a union plumber, it is something he had wanted to do for some time and he finally did it.  Unfortunately, in July of 2017, while pulling a commode he began to feel dizzy. He started to sweat.  Not feeling well he thought he might have food poisoning and went to an urgent care.  They immediately sent him to the Emergency Room at Highline Hospital. Once at Highline it was determined that

Jara's Story

Jara is incredibly inspirational.  She heads the Optimistic Heart Blog from London, England, providing a wide array of information coverings such topics as Health, Beauty, Fitness, Travel and more.  But before she started blogging about Heart Disease and what it is to be an Open Heart Surgery Survivor, she was first a Heart Patient herself, and nothing seems to slow her down.  Jara tells us, that while she was not even 30 years old, she was already in need of a

John's Story

It was late April, 2017, and John was on a ferry ride when he had his first heart attack.  It wasn’t anything like he would have thought a heart attack would feel like.  He dismissed it thinking that he was having indigestion.  He had been diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus and figured he was having some heart burn.  It was nothing really unusual. When he got off the ferry near his home, he continued on home and once home, he had another episode, similar to the one on the ferry. The following morning while sitting in his office, he had more chest pain.  This time he contacted his primary care doctor and he instructed him to make an

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