When Rleen was 13, she was being examined for injuries following a minor auto accident. During her exam, it was discovered that she had a heart murmur.  Since it hadn’t caused her any trouble, the doctor told her it was nothing to worry about and released her to go home.


At 18, she severed 3 fingers open while cutting a mango and required surgery to repair the severed nerves. Following her surgery, she was referred to a cardiologist who diagnosed her with ASD.  At that time, it was not significantly impacting her life, so it did not warrant a heart surgery.


When she turned 21, she was modeling for Miller High Life as a Cold Patrol Girl and living an overactive lifestyle. Unfortunately, that eventually compromised her ASD, and by the age of 22, Rleen underwent her first heart surgery.


In 2004, she was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism that created a thyroid storm and resulted in a myocardial infarction.  Later that year, at the age of 34, she had a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG X1).  Today, Rleen is very physically active and capable of completing a 5K run in 35 minutes.

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