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Seattle, WA: Tim Hanley, a 62 year old Seattle resident was surprised to learn that he needed open heart surgery earlier this year.  He didn’t have a heart attack, wasn’t among any of the risk groups for heart disease, and in fact, didn’t have any recognizable symptoms.  But during a routine CT Chest Scan, it was discovered that he had calcium in his arteries.  He consulted Dr. Lewis, a cardiologist in Issaquah, WA, and was sent for a Coronary Calcium Scan at Bellevue Medical Imaging.  Tim credits that 10 minute scan, (that cost him less than $100 out of pocket), with having saved his life.

The Coronary Calcium Scan revealed that Tim had a Calcium Score of 709.7.  Dr. Brian Jacobs, Radiologist, stated he was a very high risk of a cardiac event and recommended him for a catheter angiography.  Tim followed up with Dr. Ming Zhang of Swedish Heart & Vascular to get a second opinion.  Dr. Zhang reviewed the Calcium Scoring as well as the ECG taken during a recent stress-echo test order by Dr. Lewis and determined that Tim needed an catheter angiogram, just as Dr. Jacobs had recommended.

The findings of the Angiogram examination revealed that Tim had a stenosis of his Left Main Coronary Artery with blockages in his Left Anterior Descending Artery (the L.A.D.) as well as his Circumflex Artery System.  He was found to be at extremely high risk of a major coronary event known as a Widow Maker Heart Attack.  He was taken from the Catheter Lab and prep’d for open heart surgery. On Sunday, March 11, 2018, at 7:00 AM, the Swedish Heart & Vascular surgery team, lead by Dr. Patrick Ryan, performed a Coronary Artery Quadruple Bypass Graft, (CABG x4 pronounced cabbage).

About The Open Hearts Project: Tim stated following his surgery, “I witnessing a true miracle.  Only through a series of strange coincidences was my dangerous condition even discovered. Had it not been for the Coronary Calcium Scan, I’d likely be on the wrong side of the dirt by now.”  Since 1990, nearly 5 million people, like Tim, have died without any warning due to coronary artery disease.  It is the number one cause of death in the United States.  And the numbers are growing.  Not including strokes, an estimated 800,000 people will die of heart disease this year alone.  As Tim recovered over the next few days following his surgery, he pondered ways to help raise awareness.  Since Tim was a photographer, he decided he would start photographing those who had undergone open heart surgeries and sharing their stories on the web.  Within a week of his surgery he started  He created a logo and set up a web site geared at providing information, particularly with regard to Coronary Calcium Scoring.  But more needs to be done and Tim needs your help.

Here’s How You Can Help:  If you or someone you know has undergone an open heart surgery and would like to contribute to The Open Hearts Project, please contact Tim by email at, so he may schedule a photo session and an interview. There is never a charge, and all who volunteer to share their Heart Story, receive a free T-Shirt and Hat bearing the logo of The Open Hearts Project as a small token of appreciation for participating.  For more information, please visit

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