About The Open Hearts Project

Tim Hanley, underwent open heart surgery on March 11, 2018, for a Quadruple Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABGx4).  But Tim wasn’t experiencing any recognizable symptoms of heart disease.  He didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.  Neither of his parents, and none of his grandparents had ever had heart disease.  He wasn’t obese and didn’t have diabetes.  And, he had never been treated for high cholesterol. While he was slightly over weight, he wasn’t obese.  Tim did not fit into any of the known risk groups associated with Coronary Artery Disease.  But Tim learned that he was just steps away from a catastrophic heart attack.  As Tim recovered in the coronary care unit following his surgery, he decided that once he got back on his feet, he was going to photograph those who had undergone open heart surgery and tell their stories. He hoped to help others, who like himself might be unaware they might have heart disease.  Within a couple of days of being home from the hospital, The Open Hearts Project was born.

Do You Know Your Coronary Calcium Score?

There is probably no more effective tool in modern medicine that is less invasive when it comes to identifying Coronary Artery Disease than a coronary calcium scan.  In 2012, The Coronary Calcium Club finally won the endorsement of The American Heart Association, after 20 years of financial and political resistance. Yet, most of us have never heard of this simple test or know what to do to get one. Since it was first created, over 4.2 million Americans have dropped dead never realizing they had a heart problem.  They like Tim, had no advanced warning and few if any symptoms.  A large percentage of those deaths could have been avoided had they only had a Coronary Calcium Scan. 

Shortly after Bill Clinton left office, he had to undergo coronary bypass surgery.  Even though he had a coronary calcium scan, he boasted that he had passed his last five annual stress tests with flying colors. His calcium scan was ignored.  Now it is a requirement and considered a matter of National Security that all American Presidents have a coronary calcium scan.  NASA requires all astronauts entering the space program, to have a Coronary Calcium Score of Zero.  It seems that NASA doesn’t want to invest millions of dollars training an astronaut only to have him die in space while performing a routine mission. NASA has determined that the Coronary Calcium Scan if the best test to determine who is at risk. And more recently, the State of Texas has passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover Coronary Calcium Scans for all resident males 45 years of age or old and all resident females 55 years of age or older.  The verdict is in. The debate is over.  People need to know their Coronary Calcium Scores.

Bellevue Medical Imaging performed my Coronary Calcium Scan, and they stated in their report that I needed to be “considered for a Catheter Angiography,” due to the extensive calcification found in my arteries.  I followed up with Dr. Ming Zhang, of Swedish Heart & Vascular, who agreed that I needed an Angiogram.  He explained that the Angiogram was the gold standard for identifying blockages.  Knowing my Coronary Calcium Score saved my life. Nearly 5-million, asymptomatic Americans, who have died since 1990, without warning or ever once knowing they had Coronary Artery Disease. Bellevue Medical Imaging and the Coronary Calcium Scan saved my life. I am attaching their brochure that you can download by clicking here. Cardiac score brochure $99.pub

For a complete history on the Coronary Calcium Scan and to better understand who could benefit from this simple exam, watch the video documentary from Widowmaker TV under the Video tab.

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